Cohort 3: GOLD

Cohort 3 are teachers who started Fall of 2021 and are in the third year (gold level) of the SCFLMT Program. 

Please complete this form to request approval for a financial literacy/economics workshop before attending the event. 

Please complete this form AFTER attending an approved workshop or professional development event. 

Please complete this form prior to fulfilling your SCFLMT obligation to lead professional development. All professional development must be pre-approved.

Please send a follow up email to your PD participants within 48 hours of each of your led Professional Development sessions. You are welcome to CC Chandler and/or Amanda.

Teachers who participate in a professional development workshop led by a South Carolina Financial Literacy Master Teacher are eligible to receive a stipend of $100.00 upon submitting the following evaluation, reflection, and evidence AFTER the professional development session. Please provide this link, QR code, etc. at the END of your PD and in a follow up email. 

Complete AFTER fulfilling your SCFLMT obligation to lead professional development. 

Please complete this form once your students have successfully completed (or submitted) a SC Economics Contest or Competition. 

This form is to be filled out AFTER you conduct the Pre- and Post- Assessment on a designated group on students.